Mitas 90/100-21 TERRA FORCE-MX MH Enduro Green Stripe 57M Tire

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Rim: 21"
Width: 90/100
Tread Pattern: TERRA FORCE-MX MH
Load/Speed: 57M
Position: Front
Stripe Color: Green
Tube Type: Tube
Weight: 9.42 LBS


The Mitas 90/100-21 TERRA FORCE-MX MH Super Light is a new generation of tire derived from the C-19 tread pattern. It is designed for cross country racing on hard and stony surfaces with excellent grip on wet roots and rocky terrain. A spaced knob design contributes to great self cleaning ability in mud or sand while side knobs with a hooked profile provide solid lockup during acceleration.

Load/Speed rated to 57M.

Green stripe tire indicates a softer carcass and soft tread compound for extreme enduro or cross country competitions on harder terrains. The tread compound is softer than the yellow-stripe (Super) version and designed for harder terrain.