Dual Sport (DOT)

Mitas range of Dual Sport DOT legal motorcycle tires are designed to offer motocross over many different terrains, sand/mud, soft terrain, medium soft, intermediate and medium hard terrains. A yellow stripe indicates a tire made from a softer compound and suitable for Enduro FIM and cross country competition. Green stripe designates a softer carcass and soft tread compound for cross country and extreme enduro on harder terrains. White stripes tires are for winter use and remain flexible in freezing weather. Mitas tread patterns in the Dual Sport DOT category include C-16 STONEATER, C-18, C-19, C-21 STONE KING, EF-07 MAJESTIC, H-18 FLAT TRACK, TERRA FORCE-EF, TERRA FORCE-R, XT-454, XT-434, XT-754, XT-946, and XT994