Mitas range of Adventure and Dual Sport motorcycle tires are designed to offer all permutations of road and off-road use from 80% road / 20% off-road to 20% road / 80% off road tire applications. The DAKAR option for higher loads, longer adventure trips and extreme conditions with a tire designed with a stronger carcass and higher puncture resistance identified with a yellow stripe. The higher off-road use tires have aggressive knob and blocks patterns suitable for mud and snow, hard terrain, rocky and gravel situations. Mitas tires is the most desired tire choices among adventure riders, who love to combine comfortable road riding with more adventurous off-road getaways. Hard wearing tread compound combined with aggressive chevron pattern give these tires superior off-road capability while maintaining extended tread life. Mitas tread patterns in the Adventure category include C-17 STONEATER, E-02, E-06, E-07, E-07+, E-08, E-09, E-10, E-12, E-13, MC 23 ROCKRIDER, MC 24 INVADER.