For the rider that must to go anywhere and isn’t afraid to tackle even the most difficult and challenging off-road tracks. ENDURO TRAIL XT+ delivers impressive performance on muddy trails, rough gravel roads while still being able to handle paved roads and high-speed motorways so you can get to those difficult trails.

ENDURO TRAIL XT+ rear has the same extremely aggressive longitudinal scoop shaped block as the well-known E-09 with a flat profile and an average rear lug depth of 13,2 mm. The ENDURO TRAIL XT+ front have the same front pattern design as the E-13 with an impression lug depth of 12 mm and can be used as the front option on any ENDURO TRAIL set.

The standard ENDURO TRAIL XT+ uses a Heavy Duty compound and is designed to give the best all round performance on any road in wet or dry conditions without sacrificing comfort, durability, handling and stability.

The ENDURO TRAIL XT+ DAKAR version uses an Ultra Heavy Duty compound designed for maximum durability with upto 20% more mileage compared to the standard version and is virtually puncture proof thanks to its reinforced carcass.