Mitas range of scooter tires for road, city, commuting, touring, racing, electric scooters, off-road use and all weather conditions including ice and snow. Features include reinforced 6-ply walls, white walls, thicker tread patterns, and use of unique tread compounds for high performance. Mitas tires offer economical long life, high riding comfort, good grip at high lean angles, good braking performance, efficient water displacement, extreme cornering, highly resistant to punctures, use of studs and special compound for traction on snow, ice and slush, high grip in wet and dry conditions. The Mitas tire range includes, B13, B14, B61, MC 12, MC 17, MC 18, MC 20 MONSUM, MC 22 ELEGANCE, MC 32 WIN SCOOT, MC 34, MC 35 S-RACER 2.0, S-03 and Touring Force-SC.