Mitas road and street motorcycle tires are a great choice for all types of applications, vintage motorcycles, sports racing and grand touring, sports touring, low displacement motorcycles, all weather including wet and winter conditions and for novice riders. Mitas tire make use of modern rubber technology and innovative tire development - Strong Carcass Technology SCT provide great riding characteristics in different road and weather conditions. Optimized tread design to ensure maximum contact in all lean angles. Multi Compound Tread Technology MCTT to provides increased mileage, ensures shoulder tread a superior grip at all lean angles. Use of different compounds in certain tread patterns such as advanced elastomers, highly active fillers, and silica - all developed to guarantee high mileage and perfect grip at the same time. The Mitas Street / Road tire collection includes H-01, H-02, H-03, H-04, H-05, H-06, H-14, H-15, MC 7 SPORT,MC 9, MC 18 SPORT, MC 25 BOGART, MC 26 CAPRI, MC 32 SPORT, MC 50 SPORT, SPORT FORCE+ and TOURING FORCE.