MX & Off-Road (NHS)

The Mitas Motocross and Off-Road NHS (Not Highway Service) tires offer a range of high-performance Motocross and Junior Motocross competition tires designed for maximum traction and control. These tires have been developed to meet a wide range of surfaces: sand, mud, soft terrain, medium, hard terrains and for ice and snow conditions. Red, Yellow and Green stripes indicate tires for Motocross competition made from a soft through hard tread compound for various soft, medium and hard terrains. The Mitas NHS Motocross range includes C-10 SPEEDY-CROC, C-11 SPEEDY-CROC, C-12, C-16, C19, C-20 STONE KING, C-21 STONE KING, C-29 TERRACROSS, EF-07 MAJESTIC, ET01, FT-18 FLAT TRACK, H-18 FLAT TRACK, SX-30, TERRA FORCE-EH, TERRA FORCE-MX MH, TERRA FORCE-MX MX SAND, TERRA FORCE-MX SM and XT454.